What´s a Convention

What´s a convention and what can I expect?

It´s a 3 day event. At the Convention you will be able to

  • meet your favorite actors in person
  • attend Q&A´s
  • get an in-person autograph
  • get a photo
  • attend meet & greets
from and with your favorite actors.


What´s a panel (Q&A)?
At the so called panel, all attendees are sitting in a room with one of your favorite actors on stage. During the panels, you will get the chance to ask your favorite actors a question, which he/she will be answering live on stage. Every actor will do at least one panel per appearance day. The actors will appear on 2 days. Means some will be there on Friday and Saturday and others will appear on Saturday and Sunday.
In-person Autograph:
Depends on which Ticket you have, you will be called row by row to get your autograph in-person.
What are Photo Ops?
If you buy a Photo Op, our Photographer will take a Photo with you and your favorite actor in person. You will get a printed image, which you can get signed, if you want to.
What are Meet&Greets?
If you buy a Meet&Greet, you will be one of 15 lucky people, who will be participating in a 30 minute private Q&A.
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